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What the Falafel

What is falafel?

It starts with soaking garbonzo beans overnight to hydrate them. Those garbonzo beans are ground and mixed with ingredients like parsley and spices. Then they are deep fried to get you a fritter-style ball that is perfect with one of our dips

Why is Falafel Heights Hummus Different?

Falafel Heights hummus is made from scratch. Garbanzo beans are soaked overnight, cooked and blended with flavors such as lemon, garlic, sesame seed paste (tahini). The result is a creamy dip that you cant get enough of. Don't worry if you ate the whole container. It's normal

Can I Request a small order without a catering order or having you pop-up?

Sure! Contact us with your request and we will do what we can to bring these Middle Eastern staples to you.

Is Your Food Vegan?

All of our food is vegan and gluten free unless noted

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