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In 2017, I became fixated on bringing authentic falafel to San Diego. I solicited the help of family and their recipes from the Palestinian Territories. Falafel and hummus were a convenient and fulfilling part of any day and very accessible anywhere in the territories. We bring that access to authentic falafel in wraps and bowls to San Diego.

Our Background

I grew up visiting the Palestinian territories and completed high school and some college while living in the village my family was from. As a youth, we dipped falafel in fresh hummus to start the day. We were able to choose from a street lined with falafel vendors during afternoon errands in the marketplace. A family in the Palestinian village mounted a light on top of their home. When the light was on, falafel was hot. When the light went out, our chance for falafel for dinner was would have to wait until tomorrow. 

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